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Our Values

Our Values

Be You:

Be you & not a copy. Teaching principles to be unique in your style, be inspired by others, & discover your style to share with the world.

Life Skills:

Guided drawing & painting teaches unconscious life skills in all areas of life. From building businesses, working within teams to building personal relationships


Our goal is to use creativity as a gym for the mind. Promoting self care within mental health, using guided drawing & painting as a way to build strategy towards a balanced life style


Drawing & painting build coping strategies & life skills. throughout this learning process, respect towards yourself & everyone else in the class is what we promote.


We speak to each other as one human to another.

Our students are encouraged to be clear on where they want to go, what they want to learn, within a relaxed environment.

Open Minded:

No matter what you have or have not learnt, where you have come from, having an open minded approach to try, explore & work as a team with a tutor & students

The Arts College

Our values are the core of our lessons. They reflect our ethics, morals and inform our team's approach as well as how we encourage every one of our students. We believe in our students and their passion and desire to learn – they are at the centre of everything we do. Delivering quality is what we exist for – truly, you will not be disappointed.