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Join Our Art Tribe - Discover Your Unique Style

We use straightforward, step-by-step techniques to help you master drawing and painting, focusing on what you may feel is beyond your reach. Our program guides you through overcoming frustrations and achieving your artistic goals, whether it's animals, architecture, portraits, still life, landscapes, or lifelike atmospheric scenes.

If your interests extend beyond this list, rest assured, we cover it all. Our classes are designed based on feedback to cater specifically to your needs. We introduce fundamental drawing techniques followed by color techniques across various mediums.

You will also have the opportunity to choose themes that you wish to explore further, giving you control over your artistic journey and ensuring your voice is heard.

Discover how you can creatively explore your passions with three-dimensional drawing and painting techniques…

Our program is perfect if you’re looking for step-by-step guidance to confidently draw or paint, transforming your frustrations into mastery and developing your unique artistic style.

We also incorporate life skills through art, mindfulness, and active decision-making.

Do you often feel frustrated when your artwork doesn’t turn out as expected? Does it seem like you’re back in school, struggling to figure things out? We operate as a college, not a traditional school, allowing you to decide what works best for you and fostering your entrepreneurial abilities for future support.

Making mistakes can be discouraging, and it’s easy to give up. As an adult, it’s frustrating when you can’t get what's in your head onto the paper just right. We understand and are here to help.

Let me show you the tips and secrets to creating stunning drawings and paintings of what you love:

- Learn how to blend paints and take your skills to the next level

- Master drawing in proportion and painting from dark to light to bring your artwork to life

- Properly draw and shade in three dimensions

- Explore adapted programs for cartoons, anime, manga

- Engage in sculpting and various artistic mediums

Are you ready to join us and explore the creative world of art?

With over 25 years of teaching experience, Justine has taught in South Africa and Cape Town, collaborated with corporations, schools, and colleges, and founded her own college. She believes that everyone has innate creativity and just needs guidance to bring it to life. Her extensive travels have allowed her to research mindfulness through art, helping individuals build from within and develop creative strategies to face challenges.

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